Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Getting over who ya got...

One more post about the above topic. Who would think that such a regular thing like getting a new teacher for a new school year would stir up such feelings and “chatter”? I wonder when it’s October and the kids are settled in their new classes and back to their routines will any of this matter? I doubt it. They will have made new friends, got comfortable with their teachers and have gotten over it. But really who needs to get over it? Not so much the kids as their parents it seems.

Kids are kids. They have no idea who is the “fashionable” teacher of the year. (unless they are told) They have no idea which teacher is nicer than another. How could they? They haven’t even met their teachers yet. What do they have to compare? Nothing. All they may hear is one parent trying to make themselves feel better about their choices, by belittling or criticizing another parent’s choices.

Thing is what’s going to be is going to be. We may have thought we picked the best teacher for our kids but maybe it will turn out we didn’t. I don’t know. I don’t think we really know the “student” our child is. They may be completely different from who we know at home. They may decide for themselves (imagine that!) that they don’t like this perfect teacher hand picked for them. Either way, they will in the end create their own path and their own school experience we can only help to steer them in (hopefully) the right direction.

So I agree, in that we will just enjoy the rest of our summer. As far as Mike’s concerned he thinks the teacher he is getting is fine and dandy. He has no idea about who’s who in the 2nd grade teacher pool. I really think he couldn’t care less. He got a new lunchbox today with an attached water bottle that he thinks is the bomb and a “64 pack” of crayons for his new desk. Today that’s really all that matters to him.

Oh, and he got the WWE Collector’s Cup at 7-11 today! As we drove out of 7-11 parking lot he said…”Ya know what Mom? When I graduate from High School and I get to make a speech, I will say what a great mom you are and how you always tried so hard to make me happy!” See and you thought it was all about the 2nd grade teacher….


Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts from the "older" generation. We did not "pick" your teachers way back when. You got who you got and that was it! Unless there was a blatant problem with teacher and child, we more or less let life happen. In the long run that is a good thing. As adults we are not able to pick who we have to deal with in life; we all need to know howto "cope" with all kinds of people, those we like and those we don't. Kids start doing that when they are in school, no matter how their parents try to structure their lives. From a far away perspective, I would say many of today's parents try to orchestrate their children's lives too much. Thank goodness kids are kids and naturally want to be independent! Like you say, in the end, does it really matter who your 2nd grade teacher was. Most important are the relationships that need to endure for a lifetime.

Cherie said...

Very well said!!! I'm also happy to hear that Mike got the collectable cup- my boys will be so happy for him because collectable slurpee cups are another one of those important things in a 7 years old life!:)

Rosemarie said...

well said indeed, that little boy will always do well because he appreciates people and experiences. He would have made the best out of any 2nd grade teacher and that is something he learned at home, Bravo to Mom and Dad stressing what's really important.

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