Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Last night was the library celebration for all the children who participated in the summer reading club. If your child read at least 5 books and reported on them, they were invited to the middle school for a celebration with games and prizes. Lu was hell bent on reading and reporting on her books - she wanted in on the party and all the prizes that come with it. She reached her goal - invitation was issued and she pestered me everyday wanting to know when the party was.

With great expectations, we ventured to the middle school after dinner at McD's with friends. With voices shrieking with delight - these kids wanted in. And they were not disappointed. There was a balloon lady, tattoos, games galore and prizes including the favorite snake in a peanut can.

The adults were hot, tired, a little agitated. Too many small people in too small of a space. The kids were thrilled. Lu will tell you she had a great time. I will tell you my head was throbbing when I left and I was losing my voice from talking over the noise.

I heard a father yelling at his children that he needed out NOW. I heard Moms tell their crying children it was time to go. I let Lu do it all and tell me when she was done - after all she worked hard to get there and deserved to enjoy it.

It is funny how as we grow older, and become adults, we lose the ability to just be. To enjoy the things we worked for - whether it's a library party, a beautiful house or our children. I am glad Lu got to enjoy the party. She even got a snake-in-the-can for her sister who opted out to go see Harry Potter instead. She is thrilled with all her prizes, even the fake mustache, which makes me laugh out loud when she puts it on.

So next year, I am sure she will want to work hard again, to get the golden ticket. She will be looking forward to another fun filled party while I will be dreading the heat. But I will encourage her to read - to work hard and to enjoy her party because at the end of the day we should all just enjoy all that we have worked so hard to get.


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