Friday, August 21, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Tomato Day Part II

See I worked..I even wore my tomato shirt and notice the tomato red flip one appreciated them. I like to look the part what can I say....hating this picture of me, I look like I should be in the fields in Italy...what I will do for a blog post...seriously. They are done all…300 and something jars. Whew. I can’t take much credit this year for the actually work. As much as I thought we would start a little later that day, the Tomato Nazi (a.k.a. Mother in Law) would not have it. It HAD to be started at the butt crack of dawn no if, ands or buts about it. (no pun intended) So after a few insane screaming phone calls at 6:30 a.m. Papa, Auntie S. and Sam (sent as my representative) went “up north” on the double to get to work. I on the other hand…the “Prima Donna” (I am sure they call me something like that behind my back) didn’t come early. I had to take Mike to his first sailing lesson and I was not about to drop him off in the Bay and leave because we were summoned for tomatoes. This is when Tomato Day starts to get not fun and part of the reason I stayed away as long as I could.

Let me reiterate. I have a life. Yes, I want the fresh jars of tomatoes in my pantry waiting for me all year. Yes, I want to keep the tradition going long after the Tomato Nazi can’t do it anymore. But I have things that are believe it or not; more important than jars of tomatoes. The highlight of my summer is not Tomato Day as it apparently is for others.

So after sailing lessons, I hauled my butt “up north” to my brother in law’s house, to try to do my share. I felt it when I got there. (Oh she is finally here…). I have been in this family far too long to really give a crap. My kids come first, end of story. Years ago I would have gotten all defensive and pissy. Now, I just don’t care.

So I got involved and did whatever was left to be done. Sam did her share so really, I have no guilt. I think getting a 16 year old up at 6:30 am on a hot summer morning to make tomatoes is a feat in itself. I should get an extra jar of tomatoes for that at least. But we did laugh. We talked about all the family members that weren’t there. (Oh please you know you do the same thing!) We cursed tomatoes and vowed not to look at another one for months. I cleaned up like no one’s business which is really the icky job but it was only fair. (or more like punishment for being late). And that’s that. Tomato Day 2009 is done. I have asked for more planning next year. I know I won’t get it, but I keep trying.

Below some scenes from Tomato Day 2009…


Rosanne said...

This whole Tomato day thing has made me very nostalgic. Family, jokes, the smell of boiling tomatoes, and burnt fingertips. Thanks for the reminder. Oh and I love the flip flops!!!

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