Thursday, August 6, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Live Simply

Living simply is hard. We always want more - or more like what everyone else has. My children tell me all the time but so and so has... I try desperately not to give in. But I am guilty too. I was not happy living where I was - I want to be near my friends and near town in a bigger house with more property. That is not living simply. My hope is that when I eventually get to this new home in the new neighborhood, I can live a simpler life. There will be less driving and more walking. I can bike ride with my kids to the beach or take a walk after dinner. I can walk up to town to get an ice. I hope this will make all of us happy. I hope it will provide us with the ability to live simply - right now I am not sure. There is nothing simple about moving or buying a new home. There is nothing simple about being the "go to" parent because Dad is always at work. There is nothing simple about being home alone or alone with your kids because your husband in killing himself to give you your dreams. Life is not simple ... I wish it were.


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