Friday, September 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Throw your #&%@ on the lawn sale...

..or garage sale or yard sale. Whatever you want to call it. We are having one tomorrow, along with a few neighbors. I am not entirely thrilled with the idea. (plus now I hear the government may be "cracking down" on garage We had one years ago in our old house. I didn't want to have that one either. I admit, I did like the cash, but the process not so much.

I don't like people touching my stuff. Even if it's my old crap that I don't want anymore. I have no idea what price to charge for my crap. I have about 4000 mugs to sell. I would just as soon as throw them out rather than charge...I don't know, a quarter for them? But then again I guess I wouldn't really throw them out since never have right? Ugh. You see I am torn about this whole "sale" thing.

Unlike my kids who are totally on board. When Mike found out he could keep the money from whatever of his he sells he practically cleared out his room. Big kids have been scurrying around getting their stuff in order. I have been collecting things...but somewhat reluctantly. I don't feel super attached to this crap. We are talking about mugs here. (there are other things but mugs are a good representation of "my" stuff). So what is my problem? I don't know.

I am not particularly fond of people I don't know picking over my stuff. Or people buying my stuff. Or worse, people who don't buy my stuff. People who look at my stuff and then decide they don't want it. Why don't they want my crap? Is my crap not good enough? See, then I would have to ask the non-customer to get the hell outta my front yard.

So I will try to lay low tomorrow. I will help set up. I really do want to unload this crap. I don't want to put that mug with the puppies on it back in my cabinet. I like that there's room in that cabinet now. Then with my yard sale money and I can go buy some new crap to fill it back up!!!


Raising Z said...

I'm with you...the money is nice but bargaining with strangers and having them fondle your is a little weird. My in-laws just had one and made $600! Good luck and hopefully the puppies will sell :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Anonymous said...

Are you related to George Carlin??? Must be in the genes....always reluctant participants until the day of the sale; then watch out! You may get hit in the head with the stuff flying out of the garage to be sold!!! Hope it is a success! "Throw your #%&$ on the Lawn sale," indeed! I thought they only had them in!

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