Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Okay so I know Cara posted about Christmas preparations yesterday - she beat me too it fair and square, but I had been thinking about today's post and that was where I was heading. My plan did not include Thanksgiving - but it is an underrated holiday and probably one of my favorite because it is all about the FOOD. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year - and can't wait even if my only guests are my parents - although there is a rumour circulating that my sister and her family may join us - but she is one of those last minute people and I will only know the day before is she is showing up or not. I am used to it from her so it doesn't faze me - I know some of my friends who would absolutely not be able to function if they did not have an exact head count. But there is always enough food for a few more - I will just order a bigger turkey just in case - it won't go to waste if they don't show.

I am not a decorator. I like clean, simple things. I can walk into someones home and completely appreciate all their beautiful nick-knacks and decorations, it is just not for me. I go for understated elegance. Christmas, however, is different. I love Christmas decorations. Again, understated elegance is my theme, but it is the one time of the year where you will find "stuff" in my house. Christmas trees and Santas and roping and wreaths. Yesterday I headed to the local outlet mall near our town. There is a shop there that specializes in all things Christmas - except it is dirt cheap. The lines were out the door and the shelves were picked bare - lots of people seem to be stocking up on Christmas goodies early this year. I started noticing the Christmas decorations going up a few weeks ago, then slowly the retailers started adding the Christmas shops and Christmas music. The stores are crowded with shoppers - and no one is in that bah humbug mood yet- people are nice and the lines are moving. Customer Service in most of the stores has improved dramatically this year - must have something to do with competing for less $$$. But there seemed to be plenty of money around - everyone's carts were pile high with Santas and reindeer and Christmas ornaments. I think people are looking for a reason to go out and spend a little money and make themselves feel good. I started my Christmas Shopping this weekend - I picked up a few gifts for the girls and one for my niece. I started making my list and checking it twice. I love the act of getting ready for Christmas. Of picking out the perfect gift and wrapping it. I love dinner parties with friends and Christmas Carols. I love the idea of Christmas and all the Norman Rockwell images it brings with it. I am looking forward to the next 38 days of preparation...


Corrie Howe said...

My hubby is the big Christmas decorator. And I did mention to him the other night that we need to talk to the kids about Christmas wishlists...the realistic ones. My son and daughter keep putting "Jorge comes visit" on their list. Our former Spanish exchange student. I'm sure his family wants him home this year for Christmas...besides the cost of travel.

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