Monday, November 2, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Going to the Chapel again....

A while back I wrote about the dilemma with the Halloween wedding. Well, after much going back and forth and I admit grumbling, I decided I would skip the church and just go to the reception. Not a perfect scenario but the best I could come up with. I did the whole Halloween thing with Mike. We costumed him up, took pictures, trick or treated on Main Street to all the shops with the rest of the hoards of Mayberry tricksters. We went to the High School for the fun they had set up there. We trick or treated in the neighborhood with our friends. I handed him off to my pals, zipped home, got dressed, got picked up and off to the reception I went. Whew. Can you say tired? (Oh did I mention I had a Halloween Hangover from the party the night before? Yeah fun.)

Pictured above is some of what I missed not going to the church. (my Diva is the first from the left) I also missed my handsome husband walking his aunt down the aisle. I missed my cousin, an absolute nervous wreck waiting for his bride to arrive. I missed my Diva's reading and her grandfather saying out loud "that's my granddaughter!" All grumblings aside, I am sad I missed it. I don't regret not going. I know I did the right thing for me. But like I said before the groom was the cute little kid in my wedding. The one that picked me...his cousin's wife to be his confirmation sponsor. So I will always be a little sad I missed seeing him say I do.

When I got to the reception I apologized for not being at the church. They understood. (whew). Then I got to watch my handsome husband get announced and dance into the reception escorting his aunt. I got to see my Diva escorted by my godson come bopping into the room. I got to see the bride and groom rise from the floor in a glass case amidst smoke and laser lights. (only in NY kids...). I saw them dance their first dance, cut their cake, dance with their parents. We ate like kings, danced until our feet ached, laughed, cried and made memories. Everything was beautiful, delicious and over the top.

As I have been trying to do lately, I sat quietly for a minute to take it all in. Families are truly a circle that never end. How it seems one minute I am getting married having these adorable little angels in my wedding who nearly steal the show. Then the next, one of them gets married and my daughter is in their wedding party. I watch my daughter having a blast. Laughing with her cousins, dancing with the wedding party who she will be bonded with forever now being part of this "years long" process. Remembering back when it seemed like I was in a wedding party every other month and all the fun we had doing it.

Although I am "wedding'd" out for awhile with back to back wedding weekends, I was glad to share in their day even if it was on Halloween. So no more grumbling from me...about weddings anyway.


Corrie Howe said...

What a beautiful picture! Hopefully I won't have any wedding on my horizon for nearly a decade. :-)

Chanda @ The Eco-Cheap Mom said...

I love weddings! No better excuse to dance your butt off! :) Beautiful photo!

At Town Square said...

Beautiful picture and of course the colors are beautiful. Would have never thought to have a wedding around Halloween.

blogrock said...

No costumes at the wedding, I'd have thought for sure!! LOL That really is a beautiful picture, love those bouquets. Sounds like you were a busy busy girl. I was dead by Sunday and have had a migrane since. LOVE halloween though... grumbling aside :)

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