Sunday, November 15, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Sunday Grateful


1. A day spent alone with my hubby
2. Started Christmas shopping
3. Coupons
4. Rainy nights with nothing to do
5. Comfy sweatshirts
6. New Christmas CD (Bocelli and I listened to it already!!)
7. Candles burning
8. Fires in the fireplace
9. Book club
10. Fallen leaves (look so pretty!!)

1. Quiet Days
2. Friends by the fireside
3. Cable TV - finally!
4. No rain
5. Breakfast out with hubby and no kids
6. Girls playing together (and not fighting!)
7. The Barn
8. A sparkling clean kitchen
9. Food in the Freezer
10. Swiffers


AJ said...

returning your visit. You gals have a lovely blog here! :) Good job! You comment, I follow!

AJ said...

yay! thanks for commenting, visiting, following, and stuff! :) I'm following you now too!

MaryRC said...

oh man im in need of a book club. and kids playing and not fighting is indeed something to be grateful for

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