Friday, January 29, 2010

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Folks, that there be the sign the nay-sayers said would never go up. "Don't bother going to the Wizard of Mayberry and tell him that idiots are speeding past your bus stop causing hidden rage from coffee mug wielding dads. No one will listen..." Well looks like they did.

Now mind you in my heart of hearts I wanted a police officer to sit at the bus stop everyday and arrest every ass that sped past the bus stop. Of course in reality I (we) asked for a stop sign. Now I don't know what is involved exactly in a traffic study. I do know that I have seen a cop or two lurking on corners at bus time now and again. Maybe we can't have a stop sign for whatever Mayberry ordinance that exists that would prohibit it. But for now I will happily take the "Hey Jackass those are kids at a bus stop up ahead go 20 m.p.h. or you will get a ticket!" sign.

I am not even sure how long it's been there. I think probably only a couple days. I have been in lock down pretty much since Sunday. But when Blondie and I were coming home the other night, she was nice enough (after pointing out "Blog Post!" ~ my girls always got my back!) to take me back around the corner with my camera so I could take a picture.

So maybe right now you can't get in your car, drive to Washington and smack the smirk off that Bobble Head that sits behind BO during the State of the Union address. But you can make a difference where you are, in your neck of the woods. You can stand up for what is right. You can make people listen. You can take in interest in what's going on around you to make where you are a better place.

We all have our opinions. I am a big believer in agreeing to disagree with certain people on certain subjects. But in such a case where a child can get hurt, and there's a chance that maybe I can prevent it, I will speak up. If someone tries to take away a "right" like...oh I don't know cupcakes at a school party? I will speak up. (A side note on that topic I am happy to report that after bringing it up at a meeting and questioning the "Powers That Be" we are not banning cupcakes in our district, and have no intention on doing it in the future. I am now known affectionately as CupCake Mom in certain circles after my editorial comment on the topic was read on the local news but I will take it. God knows I have been called worse).

Sometimes people think that because I am not afraid to speak my mind I will do battle for them on their topic of choice. No. I am no ones mouth piece. I have recently received an anonymous accusing letter about a school official and in the letter was urged to get to the bottom of these issues and take on this person. No again. Did I call the official? Yes. Did I call her on the laundry list of accusations in that letter? No. Did I discuss what was written? Did I listen to her take on it all? Yes. Yes, and I have formed my own conclusions, and I let her know that we are watching. We are listening. We are involved parents that will require our "people" to be accountable. She appreciated my honesty and straightforwardness as I did hers. See it's OK to play nice in the sandbox. You can get things done that way too.

So don't sit idle. Speak up. Be counted. You can make a difference. Even if it's just a sign on a street. It matters.
Jenn's two cents: You go girl! Well done ... maybe you should think about running for Wizard of Mayberry?
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Excellent! Keep up the good work!

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Way to go girlfriend! LOVE IT!!

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MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

I'm so jealous. The rules were already in place at my son's school - nothing homemade. Sigh. I waited my whole life to send cookies and cupcakes to school and I can't :(

New follower from FF

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