Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Clean up, clean up everybody.....

Did you just get a Barney flashback? Or maybe you are still in the throws of Barney and you hear that song everyday, 10x a day like I used to. The Purple Guy has a point. "...everybody do their share!"

Everyone around here is. Well they are being "recommended to" let's say. Christmas has pretty much sang it's last carol around here 'til November. Everything (almost) is wrapped, labeled and tubbed, waiting for some helpful elves to bring them back down to the basement. The only thing left is my tree. I always have a hard time taking that down. The other stuff gets on my nerves but not the tree. We cut it down this year so it's still fresh, not crunchy like it usually is by this time. Since the rest of the room seems empty now that everything is put away it seems even more pretty. So I am going to leave it for a few more days. Eventually, I am sure I will say enough, but not yet. Now I still sit by it (when I have a minute to sit) and enjoy it. Smudge is going to miss it too. He loves to sit under it.

So besides the Christmas stuff, I purged the kitchen like I said I was. Every cabinet. Really, how many water bottles from VBS, Jump for this, Walk for that, does a family need? Toss. Mike is really not into Bob the Builder anymore (not since he hammered the big screen tv with a real hammer and cracked the whole protective screen 'cause Bob was hammering something and he thought he would help. How did he get a real hammer at 2? Maybe his Dad should post about that someday....ok I digress. I do that a lot)

Anyway, he would die if a buddy walked in and he was eating his waffles on Bob. Toss. (a little reluctant, hate tossing things out that look at I put it in face down). I did save a little Dora the Explorer cup. No, Mike doesn't use it. Maybe a little one will be here and I will let them use it. Well...c'mon let me hold on to something. I am not as good a thrower outer as Jenn. I threw out every plastic container that didn't have a lid. You can buy them for beans now in the store. Years ago there was only million dollar Tupperware and you didn't dare throw it away.

Today I enter the teenage abyss. I offered to let them, have everything ship shape by Sunday or I would go in this week and clean MY way to get them off on the right foot for the new year, since resolutions about clean rooms were made. They both opted for Mom Clean. Big surprise here. I would have NEVER let someone into my room as a teenager and go through my drawers and throw things away. They don't mind. So armed with black garbage bags I will go in. I am brave. I am ready.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am doing that this weekend while the kids and the hubby are away. They better hope they have anything left when they all get back!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...yesterday I threw away the last sippy cup with lid that was still in the back of a cabinet. I guess a 7 year-old grandson won't want that either. But I would not let Dear Old use the Peter Rabbit plate for a plant dish. Two Peter and one Goldilocks plates--these will be for any future grandchildren or great grandchildren. (Talk about optimism!)

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