Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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One of the longest running arguments I have with my husband is the state of my desk. It is always a mess. More paper comes in on a daily basis than I can process. What am I supposed to do with all the homework returned to me? With all the drawings and paintings my children worked so hard on? With all the bills? With all the stuff that I am assaulted with on a daily basis? Do I keep it all - shred it - throw it away? When we moved, I packed two boxes simply called Mom's stuff - none of it is really mine - or all of it is - depending on how you look at it - and as I am going through it today, I have the same questions. What do I do with the baptismal candles? The programs from all the sing-alongs? The picture Lu drew of me when she was 3 that is just a circle? I don't want any of it - yet I feel compelled to keep it. My office is a disaster - it is where I put all the things I didn't know what do to with when we moved - it is time to make that decision.

This week I helped clean out Aunt Muriel's house. There were papers there from 1922 - I am not kidding - no one in that house every threw anything away. It is overwhelming - for all of us. Tax returns for the last 70 years - pay stubs - bills - pictures - its all there - people's lives. Stuff they couldn't throw away but we have to. No one wants that stuff. When my kids need to clean out my house will they wonder why I kept the baptismal candles? Or the report cards or the drawings? Somewhere there has to be a line as to what you really need in your life. My goal this year is to live simply - can I just get rid of everything? Will I regret not saving that circle picture Lu drew of me when she was three. I am trying to keep special things- and purge the rest. But it isn't easy to let go - I think I may need this in the future - but I am trying to think do I need it today and if not, out it goes.

I am trying to let go of things holding me down - things that don't give me peace and that office and all that stuff do not give me peace - so there is my answer - if it doesn't bring me peace, out it goes.

Cara's two cents: Brave. My desk is too scary to photograph. Not posting one of those soon!


Shirley said...

I am the same way! I recently did clean off my desk, though, because I watched an episode of Hoarders on A&E and it scared the crap out of me, because I see myself doing some of the same things the people on the show do. It makes me wanna throw EVERYTHING away.
Good luck!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Oh how I could have written this post myself! In fact, are you in my brain?

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am the same way!! I can't bring myself to throw out any of my kids things. I always think I will, but then I just relocate it to a different place.

MeghanM said...

Now I'm motivated to do the same! But, I'm scared I'll be sad later!!

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