Thursday, January 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: I want my HGTV

I am not a big fan of TV. I used to watch Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy...but in the past few years, I have slowly stopped. I have even stopped putting on the Today Show every morning. I just don't find it entertaining. I find it meaningless. Maybe I stopped watching TV because I didn't want my children exposed to the shows I was watching. I even found myself having to change the channel on the morning shows because there were many topics my kids were not ready to see and I was not ready to discuss.

We recently banned ICarly in our house- because the subject matter is often just too mature for a 7-year-old. Even my 11-year-old was embarrassed watching it the other day. The girls were talking about each others bra's and who had a pretty bra. Really? Then my daughters want to know why there is fancy underwear and bras? Why do grown-ups need this. We were in Aeropostale doing some after Christmas Shopping with gift cards and Mae picked up a pair of lacy see through G-string undies and wanted to know what they were for. Torture was my answer - but really how do you explain that.

The one channel on TV that I do love is HGTV - Home and Garden Network. The girls and I watch it together. Even my son joins us sometimes for Holmes on Homes. I always know I can find something to watch on HGTV. Love House Hunters and Devine Design too. Now HGTV is gone - puff. Contract dispute between Cablevision (our carrier) and Scripps who owns HGTV. They are running ads in the newspaper and on radio, each telling their sides about why Cablevision is no longer carrying Scripps. I DON"T CARE WHY - just fix it. The funny thing is, there are a lot of HGTV watchers out there - it has been the topic of conversation at dance, at breakfast with the girls, it is hot stuff.

I can switch to Verizon. There is that option which I am seriously considering. That is a hassle though. It means new wiring. I don't have a phone line into my house - cable doesn't use them so that means drilling into my plaster walls to add a phone jack. The wiring from cable into my bedroom is OLD - so I don't know if Fios can run on it - which means new wiring - which mean $$$. Is it worth the hassle? I will give cable another week or two to fix this mess or I will have to switch. I want my HGTV!

Cara's two cents: Don't forget Food Network too...grr!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you for monitoring what shows are viewed in your home. I have strong opinions on what kind of shows should be watched in homes with children. (Too bad I don't have a blog.) Most of the shows today are garbage plain and simple, even the kids' shows. I have seen a few that make my head explode. HGTV and Food Network are holding their own--at least for now. Stand your ground--you are your children's first line of defense!

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