Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Change

"If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies"
~Author Unknown

I know it's inevitable but still it doesn't always make me happy.

Things change all the time like it or not. Take Spring for example. You don't like the fact that you are freezing your petunias off today? Don't worry tomorrow will be 66 degrees and you will forget that your seat warmer is on in your car and you will fry your ass on the way to the store.

You can't stop change. Although sometimes it sneaks up on you, sometimes it's happening but you are too busy to notice. It seems one day you are sewing badges on a Brownie uniform then next you are dropping her off at Drivers' Ed.

Change for me usually comes in waves. I go about my business then WHAM! It knocks me off kilter for a bit but then I steady myself. Then brace myself for what the change will bring.

But I do think as I do with most things, that change happens for a reason. I think we go about our life doing the same things and getting the same results. And maybe we are happy with getting what we always got. But then the Universe says...."hello I have been giving you hints...pushing you a need to shift gears!!" And so instead of tapping you on the shoulder some more it bangs you on your head.

I used to fight it, get mad and could give you a 100 reasons why things should just stay the same. Now I am beginning to think that it's better to take a step back, regroup and try and figure out where change is taking me and why.

What about you? Do you like it status quo? Or are you always looking for change? Status quo can be a bit boring I guess. Maybe it's best to shake up the apple cart a little?

Jenn's two cents: Change, in moderation, is a good thing.


Lesley said...

Great post....I've had to learn to be more open to change....having a husband in the military...everything changes...and usually at a moments change and I are definite bed buddies!

Happy SITS day!

Anonymous said...

As a wise person once said, "Whatever happened should have happened." Wow, that can be hard to swallow, and "change" is included!

mama-face said...

I don't like change, but almost always I look back and see that it was what I needed. Maybe even wanted.

msprimadonna67 said...

I am often resistant to change, more than I should be. Usually change comes just the same, despite my digging in my heels. And you know what? It's usually okay, and it's often even better than whatever it replaced: )

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