Friday, April 23, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Night..and it's Ladies Night...!

Tonight is Bunco. 

I was part of this Bunco group when it started, I guess almost two years ago. I had to drop out only because I was having trouble committing every month when life got in the way, so rather than be a Bunco party pooper I quit. Lucky for me though they need a fill-in tonight and I am free!

Like the link above to the definition says it's a dice game. But that comes second I think to the chatting, laughing, raunchy girl talk and oh did I mention drinking? Hence the nick name "Drunko".

But I need a girls night, haven't had one in awhile. It's good to get out and talk about things that makes the husbands roll their who's who in Mayberry, teachers, men, girl stuff. I like these women, They are all different and not necessarily part of my "core" group of friends, which is a nice change of pace.

So after an icky week, I am hoping for a few laughs, a few drinks and maybe a few more bucks in my pocket when leave than what I came with. I know the Bunco Babes won't let me down!

P.S. Taking a break from Friday Follow...its up to 800something people and I just dont have the time to visit 800 blogs every week. I have decided to cut us some slack. We have enough on our plates! Then that's one thing that doesnt get check off my to do list..and you know how I feel about that!!


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