Thursday, April 22, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Silly Bandz

How do trends get started?  In my house it went something like this.  My son came home from Middle School with a rubbler band on his wrist. When you took it off it bounced into the shape of a dollar sign.  My other middle schooler told me it was the new thing. My little one said a boy in her class has one.  Can we go to the store please mom? Ok - off they went, up to town, pooled their money and bought some Silly Bandz. Lu showed her friend across the street and of course she wanted some too.  Back-to-town to buy some more.  Mae showed her dance friends - some had never seen them - off they went to buy them. Over the  next  few days everyone at school has them.  The kids like to trade them. Something cheap and fun for them to do.  Then the note comes home - please do not let the children wear their Silly Bandz to school  - it's distracting. Trend over?  

Like Zuzu pets or Webkinz, Silly Bandz are the latest must have.  Some parents will do anything do ensure their child is part of the click. That they have the "it" trend.  Zuzu pets, so rare at Christmas time were going for $80 on eBay - a $7 dollar toy that is now everywhere. Lu got one for Easter - I haven't seen it since.  My kids still play Webkinz but don't ask for them like they used to.  These trends seem to come and go and lightening speed.  There are 2,000 + listings for Silly Bandz on ebay. The Silly Bandz trend may hang on awhile.  They break - they're cheap - and the kids love to wear rubber bands on their wrists. BTW I am looking for the Western Pack if you come across it...

Cara's two cents - I guess Mr. F. is not into the Silly Bandz? Figures. Mike has a zillion and now has decided they are annoying to wear. We are now waiting for the next trend....


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