Monday, April 5, 2010

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We are on our way back from our vacation at the moment. We will have the "discussion" about driving straight or stopping overnight to sleep. I opt for sleeping. The driver opts for driving. Although like I said in the beginning I didn't vote for the wasn't as bad as I thought. (well, going anyway....we will see what I think by the time I pull in my driveway) Kids kept themselves occupied most of the time. It's not like when we were kids and had to play license plate bingo for 13 hours straight. We did play some of those games...but mostly they typed on their laptops, listened to iPods, watched movies or slept. So not so bad for them. Going on vacation is great...but when it's time to come home...its time to come home.

As tempting as it is there in the Sunshine State with their warm weather, new CHEAP homes and low utility home is my home. There is good with the bad no matter where you live. I do despise the winter. When I get home I am hoping the monsoons will be gone and Spring has sprung. I left to just blooming daffodils...maybe my tulips will have popped their heads out of the soil too. My house is there. My friends are there. My life is there. When I first got to SunnyLand I was thinking I will just move...pack it all up and start over there. I will have tons of money in the bank, a killer tan and a brand new house. But that would be it. And all those things don't amount to a hill of beans compared to what I have at home. So a few things I have learned on this vacation are:

~ I adore Walt Disney World. So many people ask me why the heck we always go there. I know some of the rides are hokey. I am still singing "It's a Small World" in my head. It's just a feeling I get when I am there. I can forget what's going on outside "The World"....Hakuna-Matata

~ No one I mean NO ONE....looks attractive eating a turkey leg.

~Gardening is another obsession. Looking at all the flowers already blooming in Florida made me die to get my hands in the dirt. 

~My family are really my favorite people. They make me much as they drive me nuts.

~As much as I love the above mentioned...I cannot make them all happy at once. And after this vacation I think I am done trying. We are five. Five different people at different stages of life...and there's gonna be times when someone is not getting what they want or getting their way. And it doesn't always have to be me.

~ I miss my friend more now that I spent some time with her on the way to Florida. :(

~ Change is good. It comes when it's ready whether or not you are. Strap on your seat belt and take the ride. It could be really good. 

~ My friends are the family of my heart. They are the family I choose. I need them around. Making new friends is overrated. 

~ If I am looking for my heart's desire I don't need to go any further than my own backyard....truly.


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