Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Hookah! What the?

Do you know what a Hookah is? Now if you live in these here parts you may pronounce hooker "hookah". There are no "r's" on the ends of words where I come from. (ya know like "mutha" or "wawtuh"). But it's Hoo-kah (like who-ka).

But seems since I was away, Mayberry is getting a Hookah Lounge. I have no clue kinda know what a Hookah lounge is...I am cool but maybe not that cool. I got into a conversation with a store owner up in town about it the other day. There was a younger hip 20something guy in the store who gave me a lengthy description about what it is. I will spare you, but in a go in, hang out on couches, chaise lounges and ottomans. You smoke flavored tobacco out of a hookah with your friends and chill out. "You don't get high" says the hip 20something dude. "You just chill". Hmmm.....

Now I don't have anything against hookahs. But here in Mayberry? C'mon. We do have an eclectic town I must admit. We have the usual dry cleaner (2 actually) and stationary store etc. But we have a puppy store, a cigar store, a vintage clothing store, a tattoo parlor and a  half religious/half eyeglass store (I cannot make that up) amongst other things. I am not sure how that is going to go over though. My friends and I like to pop into town now and again for happy hour (we have 2 bars too by the way). Will we go there and partake in the Hookah? I don't know. Although it does make me chuckle to think of us lounging around in there. 

So when it opens I will give you an update. Not sure I will ever be brave enough to actually go in, after 20something  boy man told me people like 20-23 like to go there. (was that a hint??)

Hookah huh? Wow man.


Rosanne said...

Thanks for clearing that up, I was wondering.

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