Thursday, April 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Happy Anniversary

This is my week for anniversaries.  Sunday I celebrated 100 18 years of blissful marriage to my hubby and tomorrow  I will celebrate 1 year of blogging with Cara!

My husband and I gave each other a driveway for our anniversary.That's what happens after 18 years - out go the oh-so-sweet giddy gifts and in come the yes-we-need-it practical gifts.  When I searched for that list of gifts for all the years married, there are none suggested for 16 - 19.  I guess whoever came up with the list decided that no gifts were needed for those years - I would like to suggest valium or vodka as an idea for those years  - or anything that might give you more patience.  Only the first 15 years of marriage are gift-worthy and then you skip to 20 before you get another. Kinda funny. 

Cara and I have worked hard on our blog this year. We have had "blog" meetings where we have laughed until our sides hurt. We have cartooned ourselves. Cara has become a tech guru ( I leave that all to her...)  We have revamped it and added some new features which are s l o w l y coming along.  It might not be where we want it to be - but I think we are going in the right direction.  We started this blog because we were annoyed  inspired by another, now very famous blogger, who talked about baby poop and post-partum and breast-feeding and other "mommy" topics, none of which pertained to us.  We are moms passed that stage and into a whole different kind of parenting.  We deal with teenagers and preteens and elementary school issues - we are passed the easy stuff of diaper changing and are now facing having children who drive.  We know that being a mom is hard work - and we learn lessons from each other that we wanted to share.  So The MoMentum of Motherhood aka Forwardmom was born. I have been happy to have a place to share my joy and frustrations.  To pass along something I have learned.  To become part of the blogging community.  So Happy Blogiversary to us! 


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