Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Recalculating

I heard that word about 100 times on our trip. That's what Karen says. Karen is the name we gave our GPS lady voice. 

Karen went bonkers whenever we strayed off the specified path. Kinda like me. I lose it when my plan goes off course. Like the week I was getting ready to go away. That Monday I had planned to do all my last minute shopping so I could finish packing, clean the house etc. the rest of the week. Well, my waste line to my sewer decided to back up, make my house smell like...well use your imagination. SO I had to have a guy come and fix and I couldn't run water, finish my laundry, take a shower or leave the house all day. It made the rest of my week nuts and by the time I was ready to leave I was about to have a nervous breakdown. All that in retrospect is stupid. But that's what happens to me. I guess what they say is plan God laughs. 

I like a plan. I like to make lists. I have folders. I get made fun of for my folders. I have a folder for everything. I had a folder with me when I was away. It's my "Next trip" folder. Go ahead make fun it's totally fine. I figure it's either I have OCD or really dig new office supplies. Probably a little of both. 

Anyway...after listening to Karen calmly recalculating when we decided to pull off the road I was thinking, I may take a cue from her. When I am happily riding down my "road" and then it takes a sharp turn I will just try to recalculate, not freak out. Now I can't go about my life all willy nilly. That will never happen. I just need to learn to recalculate.


Anonymous said...

By George, she's got it! I think she's got it! LoL...

Stephanie Faris said...

I can hear that voice now. "Recalculating" in that calm, robotic voice of hers. Maybe you should give your voice a British accent!

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