Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Unsolicited advice

So we have this guy that walks around Mayberry Main Street. He is unstable, to be politically correct. He walks all over town up and down muttering to himself and occasionally to passersby.

A few weeks ago as a friend and I were crossing the street, he yelled out "I have a stomach virus and I don't even care, I will just stay in bed all day!!!" Friend and I said to each other "yeah well we would have to still get up with the kids and do this and that blah blah blah". Funny thing, that day my stomach was bothering me for whatever reason but there I was running all over the world doing errands. He had a point.

Last week, while running out of Starbucks he shouted out "wipe that face off it's Wednesday!"
Really? He wasn't looking at me, kinda just looking up. I laughed to myself, wondering if I was walking around with a grumpy face on. Someone I know, tells me to "smell a rose" when I have my grumpy face on. (it relaxes your face...go ahead try it...I'll wait. See it works!)

Yesterday while waiting at the light on Main street with my windows down, you know who comes strolling by. Today he shrieks "It's a Shining Sun day what is the problem?" Again not looking directly at me. My first reaction was to finally tell him to just shut the hell up already. I had never heard this man's voice until these past three times, although I have seen him in town for years. But then I realized it was a Sunshine Day (cue the Brady Bunch...) and I was in a bad mood. The whole world was getting on my nerves (couldn't be me right?) and one of my kids was having an issue (since resolved...thanks for asking) which in turn robs me of a night's sleep or the sense to revel in the Sunshine Day. 

So maybe Town Crazy had a point. Maybe "someone" was trying to tell me something and figured maybe I would listen to him. 
Lessons are learned everyday even in the strangest of ways.


Anonymous said...

The Spirit appears in strange disguises!

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