Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: 20%

Weird, but this week I think Jenn and I are sharing a brain. There seems to be a back to back theme to our posts lately. And we never know what the other will write about. 

The 20% is what I talked about in my last post. The 20% that does everything. Like I said Jr. Prom is this weekend. Since I last wrote about it (the day before yesterday) I ordered 100 cupcakes, bought $90 worth of balloons, ran to the craft store to get more paint for a mural and laid on the floor in the hallway of the HS painting a mural. Really? And I really wouldn't mind or complain about all that, if I wasn't the 20%. 

When teachers that get paid waaaaay too much*, a 6% raise and full healthcare coverage, bail out on a class and don't "advise" or guide it makes me mad. When there are 300 kids in a class and 4 are there after school glittering stars and painting murals it makes me mad. When there are somewhere in the ballpark of 1500 parents for these 300 kids....and 2 parents are making all the plans, laying out all the money, not to mention giving up A LOT of their time. And another 15 or so are donating all the food etc., it makes me mad. 

I like to be involved. I like to work with the kids and help make their school experience that much better whenever I can. I am a SAHM. It's my "job". Although a lot of  moms work full or part time and they are still the ones rolling up their sleeves. No one puts a gun to my head and makes me do this stuff. But here I am complaining. Well, not really complaining, just discouraged I suppose. Come Saturday night when I know my Diva is dancing and having fun with her friends, making memories at her Jr. Prom it will have been worth it.

Someone sent me a poem about what your kids learn from you when you thought they weren't looking. I hope they learn that even if they end up being the 20% (poor girl of mine already is I'm afraid) it will be worth it. That if you say you are going to do something you do it come hell or high water. And you do it the best you can. 

 Did I mention that an undisclosed number of prom attendees and parents will be here on Saturday before prom to take pictures in my backyard? Yeah. Got flowers?

* a side note, I don't mind teachers making the big bucks. But only the ones that deserve it.


Anonymous said...

...and the beat goes on!

Anonymous said...

Just putting my 2 cents in - I totally agree with your blog - Had a 5th grade luncheon meeting last night - 97 children in the class - 4 parents showed up! That makes less than 20% right?!
-Mom friend

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