Thursday, May 13, 2010

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  • It's cold outside.  Yesterday's high was 45 that's 25 degrees below normal. My tomato plants are shivering - the weather man was calling for frost in some parts last night - I could see my breath when I took the dogs out - in May  - did someone say global warming?
  • I have been out for the last two days with strep.  You woulda thought I have been out of the house for a month.  In two days, the laundry, the dishes, the kitchen - it's all out of control.  Mom's don't get to get sick - even on my worst day when I thought each time I swallowed I would die, I still had to help with homework, get dinner and drive to dance - all with a fever - cause that is what Mom's do.  There is no sick time in this job.
  • Since I moved, I have noticed a great number of solicitors come to my door.  In my old house, the only ones who ever knocked were the Jahovah's and the kids selling candy.  Here it seems to be a weekly event.  I think they are all scammers and I wonder how much they make.  The other day a lovely young woman rang my door bell just as we were sitting down to eat.  She was from some enviromental group who was looking for $$ to ban pesticides from our schools.  I explained I was about to eat dinner and really couldn't help her.  I basically had to shut the door in her face as she was not giving up.  Mae asked me what she wanted and when I explained, she told me they already do that in our schools! Who new? Not me obviously. Mae said they can only use "green" products in the classroom.  Not sure about the lawns but I don't really care. 
  • The weather man is predicting warmer days ahead - ya think? I really would like to put my wool sweaters away and take the down comforters off the bed (again)
  • Have a great day!


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