Thursday, May 6, 2010

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One of our jobs as parents is to teach our kids to be responsible. Responsibility is part of life.  It's part of owning who you are and what you need to do in order to suceed.  Teaching your children to do what is expected in life will get them a lot farther than telling them they don't have to do anything.

Yesterday, Lu had a dentist appointment.  She needed some cavities filled.  They gave her the "floaty gas" and numbed her up and went to work.  When she was all done, I took her for ice cream to lessen the pain and told her she didn't have to do yesterday's homework since she had such a tough afternoon - I would write her teacher a note.  She was very happy with this arrangement and skipped home. She spent the evening playing with her friend - going out for ice cream again and having a wonderful time. 

At 8:30 she came to me crying.  She wanted to do her homework - or at least her math problems.  She felt bad that she hadn't done them.  I let her do her math - we agreed I would still write that note for spelling.  Responsibility.  She told me there is a boy in her class who has never ever not once done his homework or book reports.  I asked her how her teacher handled that - she said he yells sometimes but the boy told him his mom says he doesn't have to do his homework if he doesn't want to. I guess he doesn't want to - ever.  So this boy is growing up with out knowing what responsibility is.  Granted there are some days when the homework irritates me - when there is too much or it is interfering in our afternoon plans.  I am not a big supporter of homework but that doesn't mean I am going to tell my children they don't have to do it.  Lu made me see I am doing something right - even if it's a little thing like doing your homework.


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