Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: 25 Questions

Friday Cara talked about her box of stuff. I have a box of stuff too. Odds and ends that I don't quite no what to do with but know I shouldn't throw away.  My high school year book, some pictures from grade school, letters from my husband, baby teeth.  This box sits in the top of my closet, I don't really ever take it down to look at.  I will leave it for my kids to go through when they are big.  They can all have their baby teeth back - wonder if they can figure out whose is whose?  Some I labeled and some I did not.

Cara talked about an article she had saved.  25 questions and how different her answers would be then versus now. I am sure in another 25 years they will be different once again.  I decided as she posts her questions, I will answer them too. 

1/25:  If I had an extra hour of time per day, how would I spend it?

As a young mom, I would have said  sleep.  Right now I can tell you I would use it to relax.  It is something I don't do enough of. I am always "doing."  Driving, folding, shopping, cleaning, never sitting and enjoying the sunshing or looking at the stars. I am always on the go and would really like to spend an hour a day just being.  In this crazy life I lead right now, I know it's not possible, but once the kids are bigger I am sure I will have many extra hours to just sit - so I am going to be careful what I wish for!


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