Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Gone Shopping

For my birthday last week, I got gift cards from my MIL and SIL to my favorite department store. I also won some cash at Bunco so I decided I would take my windfall and blow it all on new clothes.  Well $300 doesn't buy that much - but I did get quite a few nice things.  I am tyring to buy outside my comfort zone.  To drop my "mom uniform" and try some cuter, hipper things.  Lu wrote a story about me a few weeks ago and she said that I always look pretty in a sweater, jeans and cute shoes.  She's right, that's my ususal MO - I am trying to kick the sweater habit - not completely but just a little. I am also trying to embrace my curly hair for the summer - it's not as bad as I thought...but I am not convinced it's the look for me.

I took Mae shopping  with me - I always call her my Stacey London.  She picked out a few things that I would never have picked out on my own... and guess what, I liked them!  A few things we decided were "too young" or "too old"  or made my butt "too big."  I am not trying to shed my "mom" image - maybe be just a little more me and little less mom all the time. I bought a few dresses - something I haven't worn in years - which are much more comfortable and cooler than shorts - plus they hide so many things!  I am loving my dresses!

Now of couse, I need to go get some new shoes to go with my new outfits - can't wait...


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