Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Live from the Center Ring.... life. Yes it's a three ring circus most days.  I pretty much always look like that chick pictured above. "Here I am...I am doing it all!!" But inside I'm thinking..."Holy Crap! If one of this elephants slips I am in BIG trouble!!" 

I gotta take a moment to catch my breath today. It's probably not going to be a day to sit for an hour and just be, like I said I would like to do everyday. But it's OK. 

For some reason I am surprisingly OK with all of it and dare I say grateful for all this stuff going on. I may actually have taken my own advice for once, instead of freaking out and complaining about all I have to do. Which is what we moms do to each other. And that's only because we are the only ones who understand.

So while baking Italian cookies for "International Day" at school and my first thought being WHY WHY WHY??? in June? Could we have not done this in boring February or March? I changed my thought process to: Mike loves these cookies and is so excited to bring them in. And he was even more thrilled when we brought home an empty tray, his pals loved them too!

While FREAKING out about hosting a birthday party for 21 in Guam and having to be at a last minute scheduled lacrosse game in China fifteen minutes after, (and half the team is at said party...) this all right after unnecessary International Feast Day, I took a breath. It's all good stuff. I am home to do it all. I am organized. Mike is thrilled to have so much fun stuff to do all in a matter of 6 hours. We did it... kids loved cookies, party was a BLAST, and won the lacrosse game.

So it's all NUTS. It's truly a three ring circus. But it's my circus and like it or not I am the Ring Leader. Most days I like it. (I am bossy) Some days I want to run away and join the circus. Wait no! I live in the circus. Oh well...guess I am where I am supposed to be. But I still hate clowns.


Rosanne said...

No, the warped,demented clowns are at my house. Want to come over?

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