Saturday, June 12, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Simple Saturday

Okay - nothing simple about today or this weekend.  Off and running already this morning.  The dogs woke me at 5 am to go out - was not too happy with them - but rather that than wake up to find a mess.  I only got home at 12 last night from bunco - and yes, I was the big bunco winner - but it was pretty easy since we only played one round and I had the only bunco.  I think I had some leftover birthday luck!  Thanks girls.  Tried to go back to bed after the dogs - but I was wide awake - I will pay for that later as we are out tonight with friends. 

Took lulu to sign up for cheerleading today - she can't wait... of course they are thinking of changing the schedule to Monday/Wednesday from Tuesday/Thursday - and that was why I signed her up cause we are free Tuesday/Thursday - so than I will have reconfigure my life once again.... just when you think you have everything worked out - wham!  Never easy...

Tonight we are off to the Italian Festival with our neighbors... sounds like fun - hoping the weather holds.  Tomorrow my parents are coming for a BBQ to celebrate my birthday - and I will end up cooking - how did that happen? My hubby is working the whole weekend so no help there. Okay enough about me - hope you have simply wonderful weekend!


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