Monday, July 12, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Don't leave too early you might miss the rainbow...

Slowing down is what summer is about to me. 

I run, run, run  all year long. Beginning in September with the start of school, Oct is full swing of school, autumnal fun and Halloween, then it's the holidays and all the "joy" that brings. And on it goes culminating with the insanity of June (next year will be complete insanity with a graduating HS Senior and college looming!!!!)

Stopping the insanity for awhile is one of the things I love about summer. Sleeping later, no schedule (most days) are some of the pleasures of summer. 

After having a week of nothing much to do I have decided that having nothing to do is probably not really for me. I like a day or two but not too many in a row. It makes me a little nuts. I am a little embarrassed to admit that my tail bone is killing me. And I know it's literally from sitting on my ass, on a lounge chair reading. I know some of you want to smack me right now. I said I was embarrassed about it. I truly am. I am not a sit on my ass kind of gal...really. 

 I devoured a book this week that I will use when it's my turn for book club in Oct. And since I had to be outside watching Mike and friends for the umpteenth playdate of the week I had to keep myself occupied. 

So I will slow down a lot in the weeks to come but not to a complete halt. I will go nuts. This week is road test (yikes), basketball camp, play dates and a reunions to get ready for, so I will be busy. I will have to actually have to wash my hair everyday (not every other like this week) and put on underwear to leave my house.  

As always lessons are learned in the darnedest of places. The first "Monday Night at the Beach" it started to rain. Had it been the 5th time we may have packed up and left, but we stayed. Parents went under the gazebo and kids still played in the sand at the shore in the rain. They couldn't care less.  As you can see...
Had we left early we would have missed the rainbow which appeared right after I took this picture. One of my bff's pointed that out to me and I thought well there's a blog post if I ever heard one.  So slow down a bit when you can so you don't miss the rainbow either.


Fragrant Liar said...

My ass hurts regularly, but that's because I am resting uncomfortably on it for long periods at a time while writing the great American rom-com and, well, blogging my ass off (not to be taken literally because that clearly does not work or I would have zero assification by now).

Thank god, the play-dates decade is over for me.

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