Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: On the same team

Yesterday I got a chance to sit with some moms that I don't normally or never spend time with. Most of the time I spend time with the moms that are also my friends. Our kids are friends, our husbands are friends it's easy. 

Whenever I am with other moms it's usually at a meeting or a game or something like that. Which is fine, we sit, we chat...make small talk, have a few laughs.

Yesterday it was nice to sit with some new faces and listen to their stories. Of course we talked about our kids. What else? But even with new faces, new stories the thread that binds us all together is always there. Our kids. The things we worry about, our concerns about who they are becoming, or obstacles they face.

There was no talk of who worked, or who didn't. What "stuff" our kids have or what kind of pocketbook we carry. Just moms. Talking, trying to give each other advice when asked or a little slack when one's kid accidentally bonked another with a toy. 

It made me remember we are all on the same team. (Well, most of us anyway. There are moms still on my "I would like to pull your hair out list"...sorry, but you know I gotta keep it real!) 

We all want what's best for our kids and not at anyone's expense.  It would be nice if they were the most popular, best athlete, honor student etc. But we are all OK if they are whatever makes them happy. I think we all need to hear it from our peers that we are doing OK. That we made the right decision, that we aren't crazy for thinking what we do. It was nice to have an afternoon of not having to compete for best mom, or perfect parent. 

It was just some moms who kinda got thrown together, on a sunny afternoon, watching our kids swim, sharing a little piece of our story with each other. We are all in it together and maybe we should remind each other of that once in awhile.


Melissa B. said...

The best way to network, correctamundo? SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

How 'Bout a Cocktail?

Anonymous said...

Sounds great...women supporting each other rather than competing with each other...we could all use MORE days like that!

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