Monday, July 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: This is why it takes us so long to get ready...ok?

Do you see all these products? Do you get how long it takes to use each of these EVERY day when we have to get ready to face the public? So (men) stop asking what takes us so long. 

I, for one have to paint on my entire face. When you have light eyes, eyelashes, skin, an a practically non-existent mouth it takes time to get it all together.

You men, what do you have to do? Shower. You can technically use one soap and wash from your head to your toes and all the parts (a-hem) in between. You use one towel to dry. You brush your teeth. And if you are in the mood you shave. You don't HAVE to. 

Now we do all of the above. Except I and most women I know use 3 different type of soaps. Shampoo, conditioner (or I will be sporting a lovely rats nest around Mayberry) and body wash/soap. We have like to use a pouffy thing or a washcloth (Yet another implement) whereas and you can just use that bar of soap and bend it at will. (ew) Let's not even get into the shaving. Like I said, men have a choice. And I guess you can say woman do, but armpit air is not gonna have dates lining up at the front door...just sayin'. By the time we do all of the above, there's still makeup and hair to do.

So yes it takes time. And yes men you will have to probably wait for us to get ready. It's a process. Be grateful that we go through it every day instead of going out looking like this:
We do it for you. Go empty the dishwasher while you are waiting.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Like I've always said, "It takes time to achieve that look of natural beauty!" ...And the older you get, the longer it takes!! LoL!

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