Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Eat, Pray...get annoyed.

We moms don't get to go out nearly as much as we like. I get it. We can't just pick up and go out on a Tuesday night to dinner and a movie. It needs to be planned. Logistics need to be figured out.

Is someone home to watch the little one? Is there dinner left here to be made while I am gone? Drop this one off at Grandma's after getting her showered, packed and squeeze in a library program before taking her there. Can I afford to go see this movie and pay a babysitter? Will I have time to come home and at least wash my hands never mind primp before my friends pick me up for the movie(never mind eating out first there's NO time for that!) after sitting for umpteen hours at the football field for my son's practice? It's no easy task, you may very well be exhausted before you even get to the movie.

So after that marathon and you finally get to the restaurant to go sit and eat Italian (to go along with the theme of the movie of course!)...yeah packed to the rafters and a 45 minute wait. No thanks. No time nor patience for that. Back in the car drive to another restaurant. That was nice. Good pizza, a glass of wine and good girl conversation. (All the while inhaling delicious carbs and swearing to not eat them the rest of the week....again nothing is easy.)

Make the rounds pick up all the other moms, load the minivan and off we go. We decide to go to an earlier rather then 10:00 movie. None of us think we will be able to stay awake. So we pay $15 a ticket for "Directors Hall". This prettty much means you pick your seat before, someone escorts you to your seat and they will even be happy to serve you $15 hotdogs (+ tip) at your seat. I wanted a foot massage for the price of my ticket.

So finally settled in with movie snacks and a soda (no carbs tomorrow) to watch Eat, Pray Love. We have already read the book at book club, Julia Roberts stars with some hot's all good.  45 minutes into the movie, screen goes blank, fire alarms sound and start flashing...we need to leave the building. Seriously? Is this for real. We take our snacks and march out to the curb. Firemen come. People complain. They give us free tickets for another day to come back to the the theater. (cool) They let us back in after a while we sit back in our seats for another long while and the movie picks up from where it left off.  Settle back in. Just as we have really gotten back into the movie...we are falling in love with emotional love interest number guessed it. Blank.

Now c'mon!!!! Now I am pissed. Really? I know how it ends I read the book but grrrrrr!!!! Back outside we go, now it's midnight and I am afraid me and my friends will start looking orange and rotund any minute (if you get my drift). We leave our snacks behind. (oh yeah we are mad now!!!). Get yet another free ticket and we go home....with an unfinished movie.

Tonight I will just make dinner home, clean up and go sit on the couch and watch tv. It's just easier!!!!


Christina said...

Oh man, what a bummer! I really want to see this movie too. I have heard mixed reviews and usually I end up liking the book version better but I still want to give it a chance! Stopping by from SITS.

Divine Mrs D said...

Ugh! I had that issue once too with the movie What Women Want. Just drives you nuts! Hope you eventually get to see the rest of the movie.

Stopping by from SITS

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