Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Peace and Quiet

Now I know why some parents choose to only have one child.  There is something to be said about having an "only."  I have an 1 child home this week - and it is a vision of things to come. She will be my only when she is in high school - but at that point she will be much more independent. 

Let's start off with the basics of one child - it is quiet in my house.  There is no one to fight with over toys, clothes, who sits where - it is quiet.  Lu invited a friend over yesterday and I didn't see them for most of the day - they played without bothering anyone.  No one shouting at them to get out or go away - they weren't in any ones way.  I actually got to mop the floors without anyone walking over them!

There is less to cook and less to clean-up.  With only one child, you only have to worry about what one person likes or dislikes - not who won't eat this or that. 

There is less help around the house with one child.  I had to collect the garbage in the house yesterday and put the cans out.  I had to clean the bathrooms.  I had to take the dogs out - Lu did help with that. 

I do miss Sam and Mae - I miss talking to them - just knowing they are here.  I don't miss the fighting between the them or the mess they leave behind.

I'll take my peace and quiet for this week -next week we will be back in full swing and heading out on a family vacation - I am sure there will be no quiet that week!


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