Thursday, August 19, 2010

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There are things that annoy me.  I decided to share those with you today...maybe they annoy you too.

There is advertising on milk containers.  Not the "Have you seen Timmy?" type advertising but Oreo cookie advertising.  I hadn't noticed till I was pouring milk in Lu's cereal this morning and she said look mom - oreo's - can we get some - smart marketing people- and my answer was No more oreos in this house - how dare they advertise on Milk -really?  It was Stop and Shop brand milk - don't know if any other milk companies are doing this - but no more S & S milk in this house!

There is a four way stop sign on my corner. The other day I stopped, looked around saw a car coming down the block and proceeded to make my turn.  The other car didn't bother to stop and beeped at me! Really? You blow the stop sign and beep at me because you almost slammed into me? Crazy!

I love my landscapers - this is the first summer we have ever had them - hubby used to spend all weekend mowing and cleaning up - but I convinced him his time was worth more than the $30 the landscapers charge us to take care of the lawn in 15 minutes.  When the landscapers come, they pull up in front of the house,do their job and leave.  All my neighbors have lawn service too.  But all these other companies park their trucks in front of my house -one particular guy makes this stop his lunch hour and his truck takes up my front curb for over 2 hours!  Really? Can't you park in front of your clients house?  I have complained to him - but he doesn't really care - so on the day they come, if I am home, I park in front of my house instead of the driveway. I am not one of those crazy don't park in front of my house people -I live next to a library - It doesn't really bother me - it's just this landscaper who bothers me.

Tuesday night a bunch of moms went to the movie - some of us got babysitters, some of us shipped kids off to grandma, we were all excited to go.  During the movie, the fire alarm went off not once but TWICE!  Really?  No fire, some kind of malfunction I am guessing - since it happened twice.  No explanation from the theater - just a free ticket to come back.  The good thing was I really wasn't enjoying the movie - Eat, Pray, Love.  I read the book - didn't really like it either.  The movie was SLOW - besides the fire alarms - I mean it really isn't that interesting to watch someone eat and eat and eat and then pray and chant and meditate and then - well we didn't get to watch the love part so maybe it would have gotten better (wink).

Okay enough negativity for one day - I think I will be Love and Light for the rest...

Cara's two cents: OK here's another thing to annoy sound like NJ Housewife crazy Danielle because she lives in "LOVE and LIGHT "...I know how you love NJHWs!!! :D


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