Thursday, August 12, 2010

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There is a rumour circulating that the schools in Mayberry will be mailing the teacher letters tomorrow.  This is always an exciting event - I think sometimes more for the Moms than the kids.  Once the first letter is received, an  e-mail begins to circulate and the phone begins to ring.  The e-mail becomes a chain - being forwarded and resent every time a child is added to the list - by the time the kids start school, they know exactly who will be in their class.  Sometimes I think the parents and the kids know the roster before the teachers do. For the bigger kids, it's texting and phone calls to find out who is on their team.  It gets everyone excited for back-to-school.  I have heard stories of Moms waiting for the mailman and literally running down the block to meet him - or not getting their letter and calling the school irate.  Last year the school made an error and posted the teachers on line before it was official and the letters went out.  Not everyone had access to the website - only if you had older kids - and there were some Mad Moms out there.

In many other school districts, the kids come home on the last day knowing who they will have the following September.  In others, the kids are given a room number and not a teacher name. So if Mrs. Jones has been teaching in room 101 for eternity, you can pretty much assume if your child was assigned room 101 you will have Mrs. Jones. 

I have never understood the secrecy about teachers - about waiting until a few weeks before school starts.  Once we get the official school letter - we will get a letter from the teacher - with the official list of school supplies.  Although we already have the basic school supply list, now we will have to run out with all the other parents and kids and get the rest of the supplies  - not fun.  I, for one, am happy school will be reopening in a few weeks.  I miss having time during the day to call my own - to get things done and be able to actually breath for just a few hours.  My kids are on the fence - they miss their friends, I think they like the social aspects of school if not the actual school work itself.

Today my Mae leaves for Germany with her Aunt for a Disney Castle Tour.  It looks like the vacation of a lifetime and I wish I was going!  I will miss my Mae!

Cara's two cents: First Bon Voyage to Mae! Lucky girl! Second about school..I am also on the fence. You know I treasure my summers but this one has been so-so...and I am starting to long for some routine...and since teacher from hell has retired I am pretty ok with waiting a few more days to find out the teacher. OK I think that was 3 cents. oops!


Eva Gallant said...

I've been on both sides of that fence: I've been a mom anxious for the kids to go back to school, and I've been a teacher, reluctant to see summer end, but anxious to start another school year.
Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.

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