Friday, August 13, 2010

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Friday again already. The weeks are flying by. Is it that I am so busy or getting older? I remember when summer seemed like an eternity. When I was a kid summer seemed like it was for months and months, instead of weeks. The last few weeks I feel like I have been in a time warp with reunions and seeing old friends. I think the "Mayberry" type town I grew up in has a reunion fetish. We seem to have a lot of them. A friend said he thinks they put something in the food in the HS cafeteria that made us like a cult!! lol

My birthday approaches again and I usually get melancholy in the days leading up to it. And it's not that I really care about my age. Honestly my 40's have been just fine. More than fine most days. 

The other day my 2 oldest longest friends (we have been friends since 1st grade...they don't appreciate the "old" now I say long) were here with all of their kids. We were just getting together to go in the pool, hang out and help them upload pictures. (of course, reunion pictures silly!) Well, since they are my bff's they brought me flowers, cards and a birthday cake! A very nice surprise! 

Even though the day was filled with oodles of kids running in and out wet from the pool, spilling soda and just being nuts as kids are when they are with a big group hyped up on donuts and birthday was on of the nicest days I have had in awhile.

I do suppose I talk a lot about friends on this blog. Some people don't understand how you can be friends with someone for so long. I don't understand how you can't, unless there was something huge that happened to your friendship, I guess. There was a window of time that we didn't see each other for reasons that had nothing to do with us...just got caught up in other people's drama. It never mattered. When we are together it's like we are 15 years old again. We know each others story. There's no fooling each other. We can be brutally honest, call each other names and laugh at the other without anyone getting mad.  We can talk about our old secrets, get interrupted by a kids wanting a drink (the nerve) and then shoo them away so we can get back to being girlfriends

           Circa 1985 ~         Senior Prom                                     Senior year

To look out in the pool at (most of) our kids playing with together, splashing running and laughing just like we did many moons ago, well, is a great thing for me. To have my friends sing Happy Birthday to me like they have done so many times before, then have their kids and mine help blow out my candles was not to be cliché but...priceless. 

I love being Mrs. and someone's mom. But I like to be just Cara sometimes too.
Cara...someone's friend, with my own story. I hope when I am an old lady we still are laughing and maybe one day our grandchildren will help blow out our candles and we will have a million more remember whens. I don't just hope. I know we will. 

                    2007                                              Town Reunion 2010


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