Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Last night was Meet the Teacher Night. It went well. Mike's new teacher was great, everything he said she was. Nice, pretty and smart. I think he is going to have an awesome 3rd grade year. Cowgirl and I are class moms so who's happier than our two fellas?

Having said that...taking a step back and observing (because that's what I do and especially now being a blogger..because EVERYONE is fair game!) the parents I must say were well...ew (profound I know, I know).

First walking into the school I felt like it was walking the Red Carpet...who was parked out front in their new shiny fill-in the-blank...BMW, Mercedes what have you. Not that I am hating on the fancy cars I want one too...but I am not going to park it practically in the front door so it/I can be "seen".

We were greeted by the Superintendent and various BOE members at the door. I have no problem with that. They know me and hubby by name mainly because they are parents too and our kids are friends and cause I am involved.

But I could feel the looks burning the back of my head as they kissed me hello and welcomed us back to school (loudly may I add). I was starting to expect a glass of champagne and a goody bag with designer makeup in it as a favor.  I also thought that maybe my top and capris had me under dressed...perhaps I should have opted for the gold sequin gown and diamonds. I digress...sorry. I genuinely like them as people. I am not a kissy kissy person. So I don't kiss just anyone hello. So Parent, instead of right away thinking I am a kiss ass (and I only air kissed the side of their face..thank you) why don't you think why noboby you who think is important knows you? Don't be giving me looks 'cause I can give you a look that would burn through your head.

Instead of walking the red carpet hoping to be seen, how about you go into the auditorium and listen to the principal or God forbid the PTA President. (a gig I will NEVER consider in this school by the way) Or go to the art room or library and say hi to the librarian? Oh I forgot the librarian is not on the who's who silly me. No, the "in" teacher who your kid had back in 2nd grade is much more important to be seen with and talk to while parents of kids he has NOW need to talk with him.

If you are not going to go into the auditorium and listen to the principal, which is fine, then can you NOT stand right at the door talking and laughing REALLY loud like you are at a cocktail party. (or the Oscar after party for example). Why don't you sign up for a lousy committee while you are cocktailing? Yes those blank sheets that are sitting there on the table are for you. Sign up for a lousy hour at the Holiday Boutique. Not really a big deal. Yes I understand some of you "work" (not like lazy me) then sign up to make a friggin' salad for the Staff Appreciation luncheon.. you can handle that.

When we are in the classroom and the teacher is speaking to us about what is going on this year with YOUR kid's classroom can you NOT talk amongst yourselves? I am embarrassed and I am not even the one talking over the teacher. Seriously.

Can we remember why we are there at MTT night? Yes, we can all go out for drinks in town afterwards but for the duration of it can we pay attention and be respectful? I try to. Maybe that's why I got handed a glass of champagne when I walked in. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a "fun" evening. Wow!

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