Friday, October 22, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Farrago....

Busy week...brain's bubbling I will spill some on you. Ew! I just said I am spilling some brains on you...gross. Well that's ok it's 10 days til Halloween! Booo!

Been working on our Halloween costumes for Jenn's Halloween party. ( I TOLD you I would have to kill'll have to wait 'til next week).

So between painting pumpkins and making costumes I have been in a crafty mood lately. I found two new craft things this week it. One is glittered fun foam!---------->
LOVE IT!!!! I didn't know they made it. I love glitter! They were perfect for what I needed for my costumes. And the don't need glue. Glue, I don't like so much. Which leads me to my other find. I think I have talked about Glue Dots before. I first used them when I made the Diva's Sweet 16 invitations. They are a beautiful thing. Tiny little sticky dots that would hold a brick. No mess. No dripping. They do take a while to master though and I did find them stuck to me for a day or two after I used them. But NOT NO MORE!!! Now there's this:

I know. Shut up! How cool!!! It's a little dispenser. You never have to touch them they just roll out. So easy. So easy I almost got a little carried away glue dotting. I go them both at Michael's. Glitter and glue..seriously does it get more fun????

Weekend full of making pumpkin cookie pops for baby cousins, orange nail polish, little boys playing basketball...and hopefully some chocolate wine! Cheers!!!


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