Thursday, October 21, 2010

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The cold weather is beginning to arrive.  I have resumed my relationship with the oil man. It is one I look forward to breaking all year long.  I haven't seem him since May and I really wasn't happy to have to call him on Tuesday.  He showed up much happier to see me than I was to see him, filled my tank, collected his cash and left me.  He'll be back in six weeks or so - depending on the weather. 

The temperatures in the North East have been mild.  I woke last week to the heat on because it had dipped below 68 in my house and I quickly shut it off.  Yesterday I turned on the bathroom and kitchen floors only.  This morning I woke up all warm and toasty - hubby decided we needed some heat - it was in the low 60's inside - I promptly shut it off.  I have a sweater on - I am not cold.  I put the bathrooms and kitchen on again - I am not ready to start heating the whole house.  It is a lot of square footage to heat and I am trying to keep the oil man at bay.

Yesterday I headed over to Macy's to pick up some blankets.  Up to the third floor - and what do I see? Yep - you guessed it - full-on Christmas!  The music, thank goodness, was not playing - but the Christmas trees were lit, the ornaments were hung and toys galore scattered about.  I AM NOT READY TO THINK ABOUT CHRISTMAS YET!  I need to get through Halloween - then I will start to accept that it's eight weeks to Christmas and begin to process that fact.  I need the temperatures to dip into the 30's before I can start humming Christmas carols - actually I need to cook a Turkey before I can begin thinking about Christmas.  For now, I am staying out of the stores until I can really deal with the whole holiday season thing.


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