Monday, October 4, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Hangin' in there...

Not me. My clothes. Over the weekend I did the seasonal closet cleanout/rearrange. It's something I procrastinate about but eventually have to get to at some point.

I must have been in the purging mood since I ended up with two bags, one for donating and one for the garbage.  I have a harder time with the garbage bag than the donation bag.

I like to think of someone else liking what I wore and wanting to wear it. But, I hate to throw clothes in the trash. But really sometimes that's where they need go. For example, that shirt that I used to love, that now has paint on it to use for the next time I paint. That is all well and good, but to be honest the next time I painted I didn't even think of that shirt.

Last season I used the "trick" that a fashionista (a.k.a. Mom...)told me about. When swapping out one season's clothes for another put the hangers on the rack backward, as if they were hung from the other side. When the season is over whatever is still hanging backwards is something that you haven't worn all season. I did this last year. It kinda worked. But like I said I am not that great about getting rid of things.

And in my defense usually when I finally toss something I need it. Like the mother load of bay leaves I had in my pantry. I have no idea first of all why I had such a huge jar of them. But when I was on a kitchen cabinet cleaning frenzy in September I threw them out. And right on cue, hubby asked me two days later if we had any to add to what he was cooking. Grr. Anyway I digress. (I do that a lot)

So this year I took each backward hanger item and really considered if I wanted it. I am happy to say almost all of them are on their way to a happy new owner. I got rid of somethings that have been sitting in my closet for well, way too long. A few times I had to question the person that bought these things. Who was that person? Did I really buy that or does it belong to someone else and I have forgotten to return it? Well if I did they haven't been looking for it in a few years either so off to the donation pile it went.

One person does not need eight crappy shirts for when they need to wear a crappy shirt. I don't dig ditches on a daily basis so I really don't need so many "work" clothes. So my closet for now breathed a sigh of relief. There's several empty hangers dangling from the rod...I will have to do something about that. That is way more fun.

Jenn's two cents: I have been slowly swapping out the closet...happy to see my sweaters hanging there!  I have a big black bag ready to get donated now just need to work on everyone else's closets.


Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike....did the same thing yesterday. Conclusion: I have no medium weight dark clothes for cool, not cold weather. Question: Should I keep the whole bunch of heavy North Country sweaters or only good ones? I'll mull over it while shopping!

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