Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Got Snow?

(I am pre-posting again the night before..."snow day" tomorrow and I am not planning on getting out of bed early!)

So it's a snow day tomorrow. School's closed, religion class canceled, meetings canceled...and it's 8:40 p.m. and it's not snowing yet! I am not sure if it's good planning or what. 

When I was a kid, I can remember having to get up and eat breakfast before the guy on the radio said school was closed. There was no local news show talking 36 hours in advance about the snow that was coming. There was no website for parents to check before they bothered getting their sleeping kids out of bed for no reason. You had to listen to the radio and if you missed the alphabetical list of school closings you had to sit there and wait for them to read the whole list again. So, I really hope I wake up to a whopper of a snowstorm tomorrow....I guess we shall see. 

I had already food shopped for the "big one" the other day...I have all my items for dinners for the next three days, milk (God forbid we ran out!!) hot chocolate, marshmallows etc. I made the mistake of popping into the supermarket to get something else I wanted include with dinner tonight! Pandemonium!!! People...we can get out tomorrow night and get whatever we need. We don't live in Siberia and have to dog sled to to closest market. 

Honestly I fall into the same trap every time a storm is coming. I felt like saying out loud last night when I was waiting on line in Stop and Shop with my lettuce, cucumber and two bottles of soda (necessities I am sure!) "I already have my milk, eggs and essentials! I wanted these extra things! I am already prepared!!" as if anyone would care. 

So I will let you know if we actually get snow...after I lounge a bit in bed reading my book. 

9:03 am - OK it did snow. A LOT! Didn't stay in bed though...I would feel too guilty lounging in bed while hubby is out shoveling...but we got lots of snow...there's sledding and snowman making on the agenda today. It's good to get a snow day once in awhile!


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