Thursday, January 20, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Empty Shelves

Have you been to the mall lately?  No? Well me neither - till yesterday.  I decided I would go spend some of those Christmas gift cards.  Or not.  Because there is nothing to spend them on.  In my local mall, my two favorite stores, The Gap and Ann Taylor Loft are closing - yep closing.  Everything in the stores is 70% off - except there is nothing in the stores.  It's all leftovers.  I don't particularly like the mall close by - I really only go there for a few stores so now I have two less reasons to go.  Next I headed to Lord and Taylor - I have a nice big gift card there from my MIL - nope, nothing unless I wanted a string bikini - cause they had plenty of those.  I really was just looking for some long sleeve t-shirts.

Ballerina did well. She decided to grow over the last few weeks - every year around Christmas this happens, one or all three of my kids decide to grow and then one morning they wake up with NOTHING TO WEAR and tears and drama - well you get the point don't you?  So after finding nothing for me, I went in search of clothes for her.  She also had gift cards from grandma for stores she won't go into because she is intimidated by the kids who work there.  So I put my earplugs in and entered the land of trendy teen stores.  Loud music, too much fragrance, but lots of bargains.  Guess the teens weren't spending this Christmas because I got t-shirts for $3.99 and jeans (that fit!!!) in a size 00 (yep that's a double zero - who knew? I learned a new size yesterday) for $9.99.  I would have bought more but being overwhelmed by the smell and the music I had to get out - I will have to head back now that I know what fits - especially at those prices.

The grocery stores seem to be having a stocking problem too.  I stopped by Pathmark yesterday for a few things and noticed a lot of empty spaces. There is a rumour that this store is closing too.  What's going on? I thought the economy was rebounding?  All these store closings are making me just a bit nervous.  I hope its just a big coincidence and not a sign of the times - that they have finally come to Mayberry. 


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