Friday, February 25, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: I'm not really done...

Lately I have been saying I am done. People disappoint me and I think "I am done". I go about a situation with good intentions, be it in my own way, and I get what's the equivalent of a kick in my back side. Pity party? Not likely, that's really not my style. It's probably a combination of winter blues (vitamin D and all), cabin fever and recent events. But as I always say, God whispers in your ear and then when you don't listen he bonks you on the head. This week I got bonked on my head.

Moving through my week, of kids home from school on winter break being a little grumbly about not being somewhere warm and beach like I was getting a little, not cranky but I would say just blah.

Then top off the mood with someone coming out of left field trying to cut me down to size, when I really didn't ask for it. It didn't really hurt me as much as annoyed me. And in my usual style I came back at them with guns a blazin'.

And even though I like the way I handled it, made me think for a bit the heck with putting myself out there. What's the point? Why do I do it? I share ideas with people they think I am bragging. (which, if you know me or have even read this blog before you know it's something I loathe. I am not even comfortable bragging when it's OK... like if my kids' doing something great) I go out of my way to help someone feel better about crappy stuff going on in their lives only to have them throw me under the bus at their first opportunity, because it will make them feel better, even if I am now road kill.

But then God bonked me on my head. My friends and family came to my defense. I am not one that usually needs any type of defending. But these people felt they needed to be heard, and to let me hear it. I won't nauseate you with the things they said about me...but they were overwhelming to me to say the least.

It made me have Red Dinner on Valentine's Day even if it's a Tuesday and I am not really in the mood. This is the family I have created...and it's kinda pretty great "What you spend years building can be destroyed overnight. Build anyway."

Run to your friends' defense even if they might without meaning to hurt you, throw it in your face. "The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway"

Even if a person is rough on the outside stop for a minute and think why and maybe give them a chance. "People can be unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered, love them anyway".

Write your blog and even though there will be naysayers "Little people will try to shoot down your big ideas. Think big anyway"

"Give the world the best you have and you might get kicked in the teeth. Give the world - and especially the people around you - your best anyway."

When I put my head down on my pillow at night, I may not always be able to say I gave the world my best today. Most days I can. Most days I try real hard and sometimes it works and sometimes I fail. I learned a lot this week about myself and the people I surround myself with. It has all made me look at things a little differently, a little more clearly. A bonk on the head can do that to a girl.

Jenn's two cents:  Bonked on the head, thrown under a bus, it's been a rough week for you Cara.  Hoping for some sunshine this week so we can get out there and replenish your vitamin D.

I'm right behind you sista. ~Cara


Traci said...

This is beautiful Cara, and I am glad i finally discovered your blog... looks like ive been missing some pretty great reading, idea's and just well a good person to read from
Have a wonderful day and keep blogging

Moongate said...


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