Thursday, February 3, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Yippee!

Today hubbie comes home after two weeks in Europe. I am ecstatic.  My husband works long crazy hours.  The kids and I are used to his not being here.  We have a routine and we work it out.  Hubby only really helps on the weekends. We see him a few nights a week if he gets home from work "early" (8 or 9 o'clock). 

I cook when I know my husband will be home.  My house is immaculate when I know my husband will be home. With him gone, I may have let things slide a bit.  After spending two weeks away from his family, eating foreign food and sleeping in hotels, I know he is happy to come home.  I know I miss my house after just a few days.  So today I will make things as nice as I can.  Vacuum and mop all the floors, change the beds and generally get the house in top running order.  I enjoyed my two weeks of slacking - but the party is over - time to get back to serious work.


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