Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Wait what it's not Friday? What day is it? Oh Wednesday...right. I have been doing that for three days...I can't seem to get it together....I keep thinking it's a different day! That's the kinda weeks days I have been having. So much in my head...aaah!!!

So, since I am a glass half full kinda gal...(if I keep saying that I am secretly hoping to be one!!!) and I woke this morning to s**t circles in my back hallway. If you have ever seen Ariel (the dog) poop outside you would know what I mean. Not to be gross first thing in the morning...but she walks in a circle pooping in a lovely sprial. If you have the great job of pooper scooping my yard you may become dizzy walking in circles picking it up...just sayin'. 

So.....she had way too many pieces of Grandma's cookies and chicken cutlet parmesan...apparently. So back to the half glass (sorry I digress...a lot)...if you wake up and have to clean sh*t first thing in the morning...your day can't get any worse. Right? It's gotta get better from there. And if you step in sh*t that's good luck, right? You have heard the saying, right?

Glass half half full.......

Jenn's two cents:  As long as the glass started out full of Cab Sav and is now half full - all is looking rosie. A day that started with sh*t should be ended with wine - just sayin'.
RIP Elizabeth Taylor :(


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