Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Ground Hog Day

I know ground hog's day has come and gone and despite his predictions - or lack thereof - spring has arrived exactly 6 weeks after the ground hog said it would. 

Sometimes I feel like everyday is Ground Hog's Day - I am not talking about the little guy (or girl) popping out and seeing his shadow - I am talking about the movie starring Andie MacDowell and Bill Murray. 

Ground Hog Day, released in 1993, is the story of a weatherman who wakes up to find himself living the same day over and over again..  I love that movie.  I saw it in a Manhattan theater with hubbie - we were newlyweds.  That was 18 years ago.  I have caught it on TV here and there and even had my kids watch it recently.  18 years later and it's still relevent. 

These past few days have felt like ground hog's day to me - the same old, same old.  Get up, unload the dishwasher, get everyone ready for their day, get myself ready, look at the calander and figure out what needs to be done today.  The thing that gets me everyday is the kitchen.  Just the act of keeping it clean makes it feel like ground hog day on an hourly basis. When I get up the kitchen is clean.  The kids come down and have breakfast - clean the kitchen again.  Depending on what's for dinner, some time during the day I start to cook, clean the kitchen again.  Kids come home, want food, clean the kitchen again.  Dinner time - serve dinner, clean the kitchen again.  Kids decide to have dessert  - clean the kitchen again.  For some reason two of my kids seem to be allergic to the dishwasher - and no matter how many times I yell - or get them out of bed or ban them from the kitchen, their dishes wind up in the sink and not the dishwasher.  Not only is the kitchen a dumping ground for dishes - but it is the room we enter our house in so it seems to be a dumping ground for school books, papers, jackets.  It makes me a little nuts.  Just sayin.' 

I know I am lucky to be able to stay home and care for my family - and I know this feeling of sameness won't last forever. I think this week I am yearning for spring to bring it on - forget the dark, damp, days - I want sunshine and tulips and no coats to worry about.


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