Friday, April 1, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Friday....

It's that time of year that Friday doesn't mean time to relax it means, time to gear up for busy-ness!! Again...all good stuff like sport games, parties, having friends over, going out to dinner...but busy nevertheless.

Around these parts so much for March coming in like a lion out like a lamb...yeah some lamb. More like that lion called more of his friends to come kick our asses. We had a few teasing days of 70...I broke out the flip flops. Two days ago I was wearing my UGHS on the lacrosse field. (I know it's spelled UGGS but now they are "UGHS" to me 'cause I am so over wearing them...I even got a super duper pedicure but my feet are cold dammit!!)

So it's April 1st. April Fool's Day. April showers and blooming flowers. I am not buying it. Show me some 70 degree days maybe and then I will believe it. You can't fool me April I know it's really still winter. Ew. 

Speaking of ew...I was thinking yesterday of a few things that irk me...and I haven't talked about pet peeves in awhile. Not to say I haven't been a somewhat of a cranky poster lately but I haven't really had time to think of the little stupid things that bug me. 

Yesterday my boys wanted Subway for dinner. I was running around to the cell phone store, Sushi place... (finally got an iPhone...yes thanks welcome to the planet Earth) so that was dinner for them. I think I have been in a Subway about twice in my life. (not my first choice for dinner) Anyway, not even going to mention that the people behind the counter could hardly speak English. You need to speak English there. It's not like a "I will have a #5 with a Coke" kind of place. You need to make 400 decisions...what kind of bread? do you want cheese? what kind of cheese? Do want onions? lettuce? olives? wyhdgtfres? 

"Wait what?" "wyhdgtfres?" (slightly annoyed) "I have no idea what you just said." He then proceeds to hold up the pan of pickles. "Oh! Pickles? You said pickles? No thank you."(wow)

He then proceeds to take my disgusting dirty money from my hand with the nice clean latex gloves I saw him put on to make my sandwich. Hello? (PET PEEVE ALERT) You wear the gloves so your nasty hands don't touch my food...but I think the guy behind me on line would not want you touching his bread of choice (there are like 6 to pick from for God's sake) with your now nasty hands that have touched my nasty money. 

Orangutan's please...take off the the money transaction then put on a clean pair to help the next person. Not rocket science really...just common sense. Thank you.


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