Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Today I am liking Mayberry. Today. The tides turn fast around here, so next week I may be perusing a North Carolina Real Estate website.

Yesterday was our school budget vote. Of course it has been the talk of the town for weeks. It passed. I thought it would, but there are those moments when you hold your breath before you know the outcome. I am glad. Of course that means tax increases but nothing much you can do about that. Our kids will play sports, sing songs, learn instruments, take the classes they need for college so it's all good.

We have a school district art festival on voting day and kids have art displayed and sing in their chorus, or play in their band for all. My Diva sang with her group for the last time at the festival, so that was bittersweet. I stayed for the elementary school chorus and they were adorable. Up and coming HS Musical stars.

I have decided to step up and be the PTA President of my little one's school. It was not in my original plan...but we plan God laughs, right? Yeah right. Had a lovely meeting with the school principal and I think we will work well together. He is the only principal in the district that I didn't really know. (this is a newish school to my family) But I did see a principal I have know for years last night as's nice to reminisce with her since she has known my kids for 13 years.

Junior was with me this morning when I dropped Mike at school. (he was going in late...home studying in the morning for the Italian Regents) and he laughed as we drove to and from the school at how many times I waved or stopped my car to talk to "random people". He wanted to know if I thought I was in a parade waving to everyone on the street. (wiseass... I don't know where he gets that from). I never realized it but I guess I do that everyday. I wave to other parent friends dropping off their kids, to kids on the street walking to school, my friend who walks her dogs, the custodian who directs morning traffic.

These are the little things I take for granted every day that I would miss terribly if I moved to a big brand new house in a cheaper warmer climate. I like that everybody knows my name, knows my story, cheers for my kids as I do for theirs. I like that I will go get my hair done today in the back shop of my friends house. I will get my "do" for a reasonable price, have a few laughs and compare "notes". Then maybe I will pop down the street when I'm done to see my friends' new pool.

It's good to be a "townie". Today.

Just say no to cheaper warmer climates - there is something good about high oil, high taxes, freezing your ass off - at least you have good friends to share all that fun with!


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