Monday, May 2, 2011

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I never thought I would be that parent. The "Athletic Supporter" (so to speak). My older two kids have many talents and enviable qualities...athleticism not being one of them. So I was never that parent who ran around like a nut for that kind of stuff. I thought parents who did, who talked about it ad nauseum were nuts.

Flash forward 9 years. I have a front lawn covered with lax walls and nets and various type of balls scattered everywhere, filthy cleats that I sometimes find in the middle of my living room, bottles of Gatorade filling my extra fridge. I am constantly looking for actual athletic supporters because they could be anywhere from the back seat of my car to the kitchen counter. Yesterday I was at the baseball fields twice and the lacrosse field once. What happened?????? And I am only talking about one kid here.

One kid who plays lacrosse, baseball, basketball, and football.
So sports never end. Although each has it's "season" there's always extra "summer this" or "winter that"...cause God forbid we slack in our sport of choice. (she says as Spring lax is ending and she is thinking about what's going on on for Summer lax....ahem.)

You just get caught up in it all. There are some parents who get caught up in it to the point of ridiculous.

I will not become that parent. I will remember that sports are something my son does, not who is he is. I will not choose my friends or align myself with certain people because of youth sports. That's not to say that I don't truly enjoy the company and new friendships that I have with other athletic supporters. We can commiserate with each other about the cold, the running, the politics. We cheer for each other's kids.. we tell them "great game!" "you did awesome". Those are the things that I enjoy...even though sometimes it's not enjoyable.

Standing in the rain for 6 hours at a tournament is not fun. But when a bunch of 3rd grade boys at the end think they are the sh@* because they won 4 games in a row...then it was kinda  worth it.

So for as long as he plays sports (and something tells me we are in it for the long haul) I will be there. I don't care if he is the superstar or not. I care that he is loving it, developing friendships that could last a lifetime, learning and getting exercise.


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