Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Y not? I usually save my "Y" posts for Fridays but this Friday will find me chaperoning a school field trip so I don't think I will be blogging.

But I have been wondering why...

...does the machine at the supermarket where you swipe your debit/credit card ask you "is this amount ok?" Isn't that a rhetorical question? I mean, what if it's not OK? Does the machine really want to know? Cause no, I do not like spending $300 in the supermarket...but I didn't think I had a choice? Can I say no and then enter a more reasonable amount say like $150? Every time that question comes up I think "well no, no it's not" but I still press yes. So why ask me then??? the "people" that run and work in the nail salon think it's OK to speak a foreign language blatantly in front of my face while I sit there getting my nails done? I not so fondly refer to it as "talking behind my back in front of my face". Today I was there alone for awhile and the whole place was chatting away, joking, laughing...and I couldn't help but wonder are they making fun of me? What the hell is so funny? I really like the way they do my nails and the price is right...but no where else would we put up with that crap. So why do I? I don't know. I wouldn't lean over and whisper in my friend's ear in front of someones face. That's rude right? So speaking a foreign language in front of some one's face is the equivalent right? Never mind why. WTF?

...why oh why does the English language have to have such ridiculous spellings for some words? I had a 10 minute argument   discussion with Mike tonight about how to pronounce the word "colonel". He initially was completely annoyed with me for even thinking that's how you say it. "What are all the letters silent??" he said?? When I finally convinced him and gave him the explanation of I don't make up the words and yes, some of them are dumb, I thought why. Can't they just be spelled the way they sound? Why does Colonel and Kernel have to be different? Why does wind and wind have to be spelled the same but pronounced and mean something totally different? Why? Who's idea was all this? Maybe I will learn Korean and figure out if they are making fun of me in the nail salon it's gotta be easier than English.


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