Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Intuition

I was reading a magazine article about intuition. It was saying we all have it and that we need to try and tap into it and it went on to tell you how.

I have been thinking about it. I can remember time when things happened and I thought I knew it. I didn't say it out loud 'cause I figured people would be like "sure you did".

Or I can think about when I had a friend that I knew the friendship was just off. Not something really that you could put a finger on or anything. Just a feeling I had. I ignored it. Made excuses, then it blew up. Duh. Should have listened to that "voice". On the other hand there was a person who I pushed away from. I didn't want to like them. But when given the opportunity I opened the door, cause something told me I should. I have not regretted one minute opening that door.

When I am in the throws of craziness, be it personal issues, local "political BS"...even though I am flipping (yes I have been known to do that now and again....though the flips are fewer and far between as I choose my flips now thank you very much) something in me gets calm. Maybe it's when I am alone, or maybe after I have talked with a good friend. I know it's going to work out, or I know how it's working out, even though maybe that's not the path I planned, is the right thing for me.

I am not sure if that is intuition or wisdom that comes with age. I think I am going to try and take note of this intuition thing. Maybe they are on to something. Maybe if we just listened to our gut all the time things would go our way, instead of letting outside influences sway us.  What do you think?

Jenn's two cents:  I think we all know things - it's just having the belief in ourselves to follow what we know.  Self-doubt is the biggest blocker to following our intuition.


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